Naturopathic Fertility Clinic in Edmonton


Advanced Fertility Testing    

Our clinic uses hormone, thyroid testing along with nutrient and heavy metal testing to look into the causes of your infertility.

Natural Fertility Treatments

Our evidence based naturopathic, hormonal and acupuncture treatments are the best natural fertility medicine Edmonton offers.

Our Naturopathic Doctors

Your visits will be with either Dr. Kirti Deol ND or Dr. Eric Muradov ND. Learn about our Naturopathic doctors at TruMed Edmonton.


Find the Cause

We investigate your case for both common and uncommon causes of infertility. Our hormone, micro-nutrient and heavy metal testing let's us understand the root of your infertility. 

Both Dr Muradov and Dr Deol often work on cases together to provide a complete understanding of your health.


Fertility Treatments

We offer a full range of naturopathic fertility options

We often begin with gentle herbal and nutritional treatments.

Our focus is usually providing effective hormone balancing. 

Acupuncture may be used to further improve hormonal balance


Our Team

Dr. Deol has extensive experience with hormones & fertility.

She has a special interest in reproductive acupuncture & hormone balancing.

Dr. Muradov is the director of TruMed and focuses on hormones and IV therapy.


Advanced Treatments

IV therapy can be used to aggressively treat our infertility patients.  

We often base our IV nutrient therapies off of micro-nutrient test results.

Both male and female patients can benefit from our IV treatments



Various treatments we offer can enhance IVF & IUI

Acupuncture is commonly used to improve pregnancy rates.

Various nutritional supplements can be used simultaneously. 

Hormonal treatments can also improve these techniques.


We offer Edmonton Alternative Fertility Treatments

We work with advanced treatments such as IV therapy

We offer an individualized infertility treatment approach.

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